Best 6 Tips for Adding a Watermark Logo to Your Photos

Best 6 Tips for Adding a Watermark Logo to Your Photos

Why add a watermark logo to your photos? It helps reduce the risk of theft of your work. Watermarks have been used for a long time. One place watermarks are used to help prevent forgery is the US Treasury.

Today with so much marketing and business being conducted online, a watermark logo helps protect your logo or brand from being stolen and used by others. However, you need to make sure the watermark is done correctly. Trial it for –  free today!

Below are some tips and guidelines to help you make sure your watermarks are done correctly.

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These tips and guidelines will help you make the most of your watermark or watermark logo. Following these tips can help you guard your images online and enhance your brand.

  1. Size matters. Your watermark should be small enough so that it is not distracting but not so small that it cannot be seen. The object of the watermark is to make it harder for others to copy your images. Think of a professional photographer who takes your picture. He or she will show you copies that have a watermark on them – ie: proofs. From the proofs, you can decide which ones you want to buy. This is so that you cannot take the proof shots and print them somewhere else.
  2. Use an opaque or semi-transparent watermark. This allows the viewer to see the whole photo but your watermark will still show up. If your background is dark or earth tone use white or light grey for the milky watermark, but, if it is a bright background such as yellow or white use a dark grey or black misty watermark. The contrast will help make the watermark visible without being distracting. There are two types of watermarks visible being semi-transparent and invisible. The invisible watermark is not seen but can be used to track down the person who stole the image and prosecute them.
  3. Location, location, location! With an obscure watermark, you can place a small watermark on a part of the image that will not divert the attention of the viewer yet still be hard to remove. For instance, if there is a bench with someone sitting on it in the photo, you can place your watermark logo on the bench near the person. This topic has much debate, many people will say put it in a lower corner, others say upper corner; the problem with placing it in a corner is it is too easy to remove the watermark from the photo.
  4. Watermark all your photos not just the high-resolution photos. Depending on your camera you may be able to set up the Copyright Information setting in the camera’s setup menu; however, do not rely on this method alone as it can be stripped by software or social media sites like Facebook. Social media sites are a good marketing tool with the 1,000s of photos uploaded during a day it is important to protect your work.


  1. Place your watermark on the final size of the image you will be using instead of doing the watermark then sizing the photo down. This makes the watermark easier to read if it has text as well as easier to see if it is just a logo. Check the fonts for text and make sure that it is easy to read, some of the fancier fonts can be hard to read especially when they are small or opaque so it is always good to test your font before you make the final watermark. It also makes it harder to crop out of the image. This means people are less likely to seize it for their own uses. Remember to place the watermark in an area that makes it harder to cut it out of the photo or paint over it.


  1. Enhances the brand of your company by using a watermark logo. Companies like Coca Cola and Visa use watermark logos. You will find them on everything from their letterhead to sales sheets for their merchandise or product. If you are going to use a watermark logo for your company you need to make sure it is the right logo, one that will best suit your company. Is it something that fits the business? You wouldn’t want to use an auto logo if you are a vegetarian food supplier. Is it well designed; the right colors, the right font? The logo may be the company name or it could be just a clip art image but no matter which it is, it needs to be something that is easily associated with the company. Can people identify it quickly so they know when they see it that it is your company logo?

Who uses watermarks

Many companies use watermarks and so should you. You worked hard to get that perfect shot don’t let someone easily lift it from you. Industries such as realtors, artists, photographers, music, movies, stock photo sites, and more use digital watermarks to help shield their content. Watermark logos help identify their content and products so they can use copyright laws to recover damages to their company should their content or products be taken; which is the same reason you should be using watermarks on your photos and brand logos.


Logos of many industries you know as soon as you see them; realtors, for example, Century 12, Remax, Zillow, and others. Stock photo sites such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, or Alamy are all sites where you can purchase photos that use watermarks to protect the photos from being seized and used for free.

How to watermark your photos and logo free

How can you protect yourself with a watermark logo? There are two ways, software like Photoshop which often is high priced, and requires that it be loaded on to your computer. Another downside to Photoshop and similar programs is that they can have a steep learning curve so the user can become frustrated with it.


If you are just starting out or are a single person company you may not have the money to purchase expensive software to make a watermark on your photos. Another option – online sites that will charge you a fee for a specified time period; monthly, quarterly, or annually to use their software.


This is cheaper than buying costly software. A simple solution is to try it free at WaterMarquee.


Why choose WaterMarquee? There is nothing to install and it is easy to use. It is customizable. Change the watermark font, size, color, and position until it is exactly the way you want it. You can add your free watermark logo to 5 images at a time, with the free watermarking a limited number of fonts are available, and it will work with photos up to 3MB in size.


Start by uploading your image or photo; make sure it is the correct size that you are going to use for your watermark logo. If you need to resize your photo you can use MS Paint for those of you with a computer to achieve this and for Mac users the program is Paintbrush. Then after the photo is uploaded to WaterMarquee, use the tools to watermark your photo.


You can adjust the fonts and colors or you can try one of the watermark templates to quickly add style to your photo. When you have what you want click save. This will allow you to save it. You can also view it. It is simple and easy to use so that you can safeguard your work online.


Final thoughts on watermark logos


Remember your camera may have copyright information settings but those can be stripped away by software or when uploading to social media like Facebook, Twitter, or others. When a photo has a watermark added to the final image or logo it will reduce the risk of theft. A good watermark logo can enhance your brand. It can help people find your work and your company. However, you need to use it correctly, sizing and placing it in the correct area so that it is not distracting but cannot easily be cropped from the image.


Follow the six tips in this post and you will be able to protect your work, have people find you and your company, and enhance your brand.  Try WaterMarquee free today! If you like the free version, consider upgrading to the Pro Version for even more options.  Options you will find are text watermarks, logo watermarks, watermark templates, along with adjustable colors and fonts. It is quick and easy to protect your photos for a one life-time fee of only $19 – you can watermark unlimited images at a time. And remember, keep your photos safeguarded in today’s digital world.




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