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We love using Water Marquee - so simple & means our photos can't be used elsewhere without us knowing! Best part is that the pro version is a lifetime membership

Mark Brandt
Sales Director

This is an easy-to-use tool available in basic and pro versions which allows you to add watermarks to your images, giving them the IP protection they deserve. The best bit? It works from within your web browser. Nice.


If you are going to publish your photographs online and are looking for an easy way to watermark images, check out WaterMarquee.WaterMarquee is an online tool that allows people to watermark images to protect their copyrights. One of the best things is that you don't have to install any application to complete this task. You have the option to add a text or image as a watermark as well.


There was a time when the watermarking process was complicated. You had to use an expensive software like Photoshop and learn complicated things like batch processing. Now, I found a much easier and totally free solution. Watermarquee is an online free watermarking service that's plain and simple, yet effective.


Watermarquee is a wonderful watermark creator! We process a lot of photos in our studio every day and this tool is really helpful when we bulk watermark images. It lets us add our professional photography watermark easily and conveniently. My favourite part about Watermarquee is that we can watermark pictures in half the time that we usually spent with our previous watermark maker online.

Shot by Jake, Studio

If you're just new in the photography business, we definitely recommend Watermarquee. It's an awesome free online watermark maker, so you don't have to download and install any programs. This watermark creator offers us the versatility to customize and add watermark, free! Choose tools that are free, watermark photos efficiently, and lets you bulk watermark photos!

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