2 Best Ways Watermarking Can Help Models Flourish in Their Careers

How can watermarking help models?

Modelling is truly a cutthroat industry to crack into – portfolios, casting calls, comp cards – and all that might even be before you get your first paying gig. The topic we will concentrate on today is essential to launching your modelling career off the ground – by skillfully managing your online portfolio.

It is great if you already have an agent who would accomplish this for you. However, if you haven’t gotten one yet, an excellent online portfolio could really help you get there.

Watermarking for Models

Perhaps you already have a compilation of your most favourite photos – the images where you look stunning, the ones that highlight your gorgeous features, and the ones that would definitely stand out in a crowd.

Nevertheless, those photographs couldn’t work to your advantage, unless you share them with the right industry people. That’s actually the hard part – nearly everything is done on the internet these days, so how would you know who you are sending your photographs to, and what would they be doing with them?

Careful! – scammers want to exploit your images for their own monetary gains, and to steal your identity online, or worse.

Demons of the Digital Age

Where would we be with the powerful internet? More importantly, where would your photographs be? Sure, they will look great on your photo frames, but your potential is destined for much bigger things. The kind of art that you are is beautiful. And you want people to see what you see.

Fantastic as the virtual realm is, it is a minefield for photo thieves. File sharing and uploading photos on social media mean images are hurled around like candy, paying no mind to the poor blighter who captured those images. Without watermarking, your masterpieces are, unfortunately, at the mercy of anybody who wants them.

Luckily, watermarking could serve as your legal copyright, offering you the ultimate protection from having your images stolen, republished, or even sold without your authorization. Here are a few good reasons why you should start watermarking your photos:

Protecting the Photo

Building your brand and defining your persona means that you need to be aware and have control over when and where your photographs are being used. Your images featured on the wrong sites by the wrong people might sink your reputation and career. You have got to protect your photos and, ultimately, yourself!

It could be as simple and straightforward as watermarking every one of your photographs to prevent them from being downloaded and used without your permission. Professional photographers do it, so you should too.

Downloading photos online is simply right-clicking on an image and saving it on the device or computer. Just about anybody could search for photos on Google or get them from your social media sites and portfolio, and use them for whatever purpose they need – commercial or personal. It is almost impossible to stop someone from downloading your photographs, but you could definitely dissuade them by watermarking your pictures.


A watermark helps feature the original maker and owner of an image, and it likewise provides a spectacular opportunity to market and promotes your brand as a model. The more viewers see your images that are watermarked with your name and portfolio URL, the more your popularity is increased. It is especially crucial to use the same watermark in each of your work so your audience becomes familiar with it.


Watermarking the images that you post online is powerful, especially when viewers share your images on social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. It ensures that when your viewers hit the Share button, your images are automatically branded.

Watermarking Photos

There are a few methods to watermarking your photographs, but the major point is to put your watermark in a conspicuous spot so much so that it would render the image useless for commercial purposes, but, nonetheless, allows the essence of the subject to shine right through the photo.

You should make it a point to include your name and contact details in your watermark text, so wherever your photographs end up, you could be contacted by an interested agent or company.

Another great idea is to use Google Reverse Image Search to see if your photos are being used anywhere on the internet. You could drag and drop your photos onto the Google search field, and Google would search for any similar images online.

Although this approach could help you discover if your pictures are being used without your consent, prevention is still better than cure, and it is a more effective idea to watermark your images so that this does not happen in the first place.

Some Watermark Tips For Success

Keep It Natural

The location of your watermark has to be as natural as possible, so it does not pull the viewer’s attention away from you.

Keep It Minimal

Aside from resizing the watermark so that it is small (yet still legible), you could also try decreasing the opacity to help it blend into the photograph. It should not be the main focal point of your picture, but it should nonetheless serve its purpose of building your brand and career as a model.

Keep It Memorable

Make sure to use the same watermark in your photographs for consistency. The more familiar your viewers are with your watermark, the more they will remember you and your brand!

Watermarking with Watermarquee

Watermarquee is an online tool that you could use to watermark your photos easily. You could access Watermarquee right on your web browser, so you don’t have to take the time to install and download programs. It provides a simple and straightforward user-interface so that you could easily alter the color, font, location, and even the opacity of your watermark to get your desired effect for your picture.

That’s not even the best part yet!

You’ll be happy to know that it’s a free application. It also allows you to bulk watermark up to 5 photos simultaneously. If you’ve got a lot of photos to watermark, you could upgrade your Watermarquee plan for only $19. It will allow you to bulk watermark unlimited photos! Start unlimited watermarking today.