How To Bulk Watermark Images for Free

As a digital content creator who publishes any form of work online, you should know the importance of watermarking your work though may be asking the question, how to bulk watermark images for free.  Watermarking is highly regarded as one of the best ways to establish an easily identifiable brand online. Much like how a painter adds their signature to a painting, watermarking with a custom watermark can help potential clients identify your work, helping your photography stand out in the sea of content on the internet. 

But that’s not all either! In terms of security, watermarking can’t be beat, allowing you to safeguard your work from any potential content thieves and protect your copyright on all work you publish online. The only downside to the process is that watermarking can be difficult without professional photo editing knowledge. Luckily, WaterMarquee is here to help! 

How To Bulk Watermark Images for Free

While there are a few tools online that allow watermarking, no tool can match the free bulk watermarking offered by WaterMarquee. With this service you can watermark up to five images at a time, entirely free of charge! So how do you get started? 

How To Use WaterMarquee in Three Easy Steps 

Step 1) Once you have opened the WaterMarquee website you will be greeted with two options, free watermarking, or premium watermarking. If you have under five images to watermark, then the free service will be enough for you, however, if you’re looking to bulk watermark unlimited images, then it might be best to opt for the premium version. 


Step 2) Once you’ve selected your service, it’s time to start watermarking by dragging and dropping your images into the open window or selecting your files through your file browser. With this simple process completed its time to let the watermarking begin! 


Step 3) After uploading your images, the next step is to get creative and select exactly how you’d like your images watermarked, from the following options: 


Watermarking With Text 

Using this option, you can select and use any fonts, colors, sizes, and styles you’d like, as well as use our simple drag-and-drop feature to resize and reposition your images. Watermarking has never been easier! 


Watermarking With a Logo 

If you’ve already created a logo for your content, then you can easily overlay it with this option. All you need to do is import and then resize and reorganize its position to your heart’s content. 

Watermarking with a Template 

If you’d like to use a logo but haven’t designed one yet, then WaterMarquee has you covered! Using WaterMarquee you can use one of our stylish and highly customizable templates to create your very own logo and stand out from the crowd! 


So, what are you waiting for? If you want to bulk watermark your digital content for free, using a simple and easy-to-use tool, then go to WaterMarquee at and get watermarking today!