Unusual Photography Niches: 10 to Check Out


Why should you know about other unusual photography niches?

How did unusual photographs create their own niche in the photography industry?

One of the most fascinating things about photography is the dynamic potential to demonstrate your creativity and artistic strength in a niche that best suits your skills and abilities. While you could experiment with a number of different styles, most professional photographers choose a particular niche and focus on their business and customer base.

Here are ten different types of photographs to explore.

Unusual Photography Niches – Food

Have you ever taken an image of a great meal and posted it on social media? Most of us have done it. A picture is clearly worth a thousand words in today’s digital generation. As more restaurants and food producers utilize social media for their marketing efforts, food photographers will gain more work and more creative licenses.

Lighting is one of the greatest skills to master when it comes to photographing food. Whether you’re trying to capture the atmosphere of a local restaurant or the brightness of a basket of products, experiment with filters, diffuses, and reflectors to see what’s painting your subject in the most delicious light.

Unusual Photography Niches-Landscape

If a travel bug bit you, you might have had the urge to snap your fair share of landscape photos. Photographers in this niche have successfully sold their works as framed art to tourism websites, travel companies, tourism websites directly to clients.

Landscape photography used to be restricted to wide-angle, horizontal photographs. As technology has changed, so are the possibilities for artistic methods. Some photographers use drones to obtain a unique angle to a well-known landscape—other experiments with vertical shots or full panoramic views. A great way to see what serves best is to take a picture of the same landscape with several lenses.


Image of Hamersley Gorge, WA - Unusual Photography Niches
Image by Australian travel blog Salt and Charcoal

Unusual Photography Niches-Sports

Sports photography is an interesting niche that requires the ability to shoot at high speeds to capture the action. With so many photographers crowding professional sporting competitions, it might seem difficult to break into this niche. As a first step, contact your local small leagues, sports clubs, or high school athletic departments and photograph games and events free of charge. As you become more skilled and experienced in this niche, you will quickly develop your reference pool and portfolio.

Unusual Photography Niches-Macro Photography

Macro photography is one of the most distinct and unique niches in the photography world. It’s the art of making objects look much larger than they are in real life while capturing tiny details that the naked eye would miss. Macro photography could be done with a wide range of equipment, from a DSLR camera with a macro lens to a simplistic smartphone camera and a clip-on macro attachment. While it may be challenging to find a regular client base for this niche, many photographers trade their macro photographs as framed art or prints.

Unusual Photography Niches-Wildlife

Wildlife photography is a unique niche that presents some exciting challenges. Wildlife photographers often operate in hazardous conditions and remote locations, depending on the subject. Because they have to capture crystal-clear photos without making the animal aware of their presence, these photographers need high-quality lenses and equipment.

They must also take precautions to protect themselves from the animals and the environment in which they shoot. Despite these trials, wildlife photography is a well-loved adventurer’s niche, and assignments pay well.

Unusual Photography Niches-Pets

Pet photography is also an increasingly successful niche to explore for the less adventurous animal lover. While subjects may be unpredictable, they are also highly acquainted with treats and praise. Like wildlife photography, pets demand a lot of high-speed photographs to capture a few exceptional shots.

To begin in the pet photography market, take pictures of your pets and your friends and family in exchange for testimonials. Don’t just limit yourself to dogs and cats – show off your talents by adding prints of some unusual pets to your portfolio.


Unusual Photography Niches-Photojournalism

Photojournalists have captured some of the most compelling and memorable stories of society. This specialized type of photograph covers news stories and world events, including natural disasters and wars, as well as historical moments in time, such as gatherings and celebrations.

Because these images are in high demand with newspapers, magazines, and online publishers, photojournalists tend to be well paid and receive a great deal of popularity. Photojournalists are experienced at capturing the essence of a historical event and not necessarily a perfect shot.

Unusual Photography Niches-Stock Photos

There’s a big stock photo market, and it is growing by the day. Organizations of every type and size use stock photography for marketing purposes and accompany the content, both in print and online. While it might be challenging for some to sell their “art” to someone for commercial gain, stock photography is a profitable niche for photographers who are just starting their careers. Unlike a lot of other types of photography, stock photos could provide a photographer with passive income by re-selling the same photo to various buyers.


Unusual Photography Niches-Weather

Weather photography is one of the most Unusual Photography Niches,that als

o produces truly beautiful images. It features different types of wild weather, including snowstorms, thunderstorms, and even sandstorms. While there is certainly a component of uncertainty that goes hand in hand with weather photography, the resulting images are often sold at a high price and can even win awards.

Unusual Photography Niches-Architecture

Architecture photography is in high demand. It is not only utilized by architecture firms and design companies but also coveted by consumers for its clean, sleek styling and crisp photographs. It takes discipline to capture the right angles and avoid sun reflections and glare. Still, this niche is the perfect fit for photographers who like to blur the lines between artistic and technical photos.

Whatever type of photographer you wish to be, practice is going to make it perfect. Try several different types of photography to get a feel for your strengths and explore the market before investing in special equipment. Above all, choose a niche that you enjoy, and your work reflects your enthusiasm.

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