7 Impressive Camera Apps to Keep Your Smartphone Photography Game Strong



Camera apps to enhance your smartphone photography

Studies show that 80% of the over one trillion photographs taken every year were shot using a smartphone camera. If you look at your camera roll, you are likely to see that you contribute a decent amount to this trend. Thanks to constantly improving technology, the majority of cameras embedded in your smartphones take high-quality images (just don’t make these mistakes that make you look amateur). If you want to make these images look even better, there are seven camera apps to try.

The following camera apps let you do more with your smartphone camera so that you can get better pictures from each shot.

7  Moment Pro Camera App

If you like DSLR-like capabilities with your smartphone, the Moment Pro Camera App is the right way to go. With camera apps like this, you may shoot photos in RAW with complete manual controls. This lets you adjust ISO, shutter speed, exposure, image format, focus, and white balance as you would on a DSLR camera. Shooting in RAW lets you get better results from photo editing. It also has an anamorphic lens feature, so you can de-squeeze your images. It is available for iOS (free with in-app purchase) and every Android phone.

6  Halide

This application is currently only available on iOS devices (and the company warned of rip-off camera apps on Android devices in early 2018). It turns your phone camera into a premium piece of technology. You could shoot in manual or automatic mode. All images are captured as RAW files to give you full control of editing. With a recent update, you could shoot pets and other objects in portrait mode, and the Focus Peeking feature lets you see where your image is in focus.

5  Open Camera

This Android camera app is available free of charge, without any in-app purchases required. It is loaded with features even though this free app is not as modern as some other newer apps. Your images will not contain metadata, but you can set the app to capture time stamps and geotags. You could choose between auto-stabilizing and adjusting color effects, modes, ISO, exposure, and more. The app also has a smart option to take images with a voice command remotely.


4  Focus

Another one of those DSLR-quality camera apps, focus, is available free of charge with in-app purchases on iOS phones. Highlights of this app usually involve large opening, real Bokeh, 3D lighting, and more. This app leverages computational photography technology to edit your photo, including focusing adjustments, opening shapes, and adding lights – after taking a photo. This free app is simple to use and is a great replacement if you do not have an iPhone XS or an XS max.

Camera Apps that Enhance Your Photos

A lot of camera apps have been developed to aid in the photo editing process. They range from being free to a subscription-based. Still, you do not have to pay a lot for satisfactory editing capabilities.

3  Snapseed

Snapseed is said to be one of the best free photo editing apps available on iOS and Android platforms. You could use any of the 29 tools to edit JPG or RAW files. Beyond the basic functions included in most editing apps, this program also includes functionality such as:

Lens blur: Adds Bokeh

Healing: Removes photo-bombers and other unwanted objects

Double Exposure: Blend two photos

Face Enhance: Improve portraits.

HDR Scrape: Produce the effect of multiple exposures

The application also has a unique “Control Point” or Selective features where you could select up to eight points on your images to assign enhancements. Then the app’s enhanced technology does the rest.

2  Afterlight 2

This app is being billed as an all-in-one photo editor for iOS devices. Note, only the original Afterlight is currently available on Android devices. Its simplistic user interface underlies a wide range of editing capabilities. From basic edits such as exposure, color, and sharpness to advanced changes such as curves, selective shade/saturation, brightening, and tone, this app will help you quickly upgrade your photography skills. They have added and updated dust and light leak overlays and are continually providing new filter packs from skilled photographers.


If you want smartphone camera apps that will help you take great photos and make them look better during editing, here’s our pick:

1  Adobe Lightroom CC

Anyone who knows a little bit about photo editing knows that Adobe Lightroom is one of the main photo editing tools used by professionals. You can now appreciate some of these capabilities on your iOS or Android mobile phone. Lightroom provides a powerful camera and photo editor in one app. You could even shoot in RAW, adjust shutter speed, white balance, and ISO. Comprehensive editing capabilities include one-touch presets and advanced editing capabilities.

Lastly, keep in mind that once you’re satisfied with the photos you have taken with your smartphone camera apps, it would be best if you make sure to watermark them first before uploading them online. Watermarquee.com is a free online image watermarking tool that can do that and so much more. Here is some more watermarking information to guide you.