Copyright Infringement: 8 things to know if Your Photos are Stolen

Is it copyright infringement if your photos get stolen on the internet?

It seems like everyone has a camera these days and it’s easy to snap photos of just about anything. But what happens when you go online to share your latest photo-shoot with the world only to find someone else has stolen your work? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some ways photographers can protect themselves from such theft, as well as how they should react if their photos are ever stolen.

Is it copyright infringement if your photos get stolen on the internet?

First off, make sure that you have watermarks on all of your images – even if they’re posted anonymously on social media sites like Tumblr or Flickr. Watermarking will not stop people from stealing your work but it will give them less incentive since there is no way for them to claim ownership over the image without removing the watermark.

Nonetheless, here’s what you can do when your photos get stolen on the internet:

Know What is Considered a Copyright Infringement

When it comes to copyright infringement, there are many misconceptions. In order for something to be copyrighted, it must have been created in an original manner and contain some amount of creativity or originality.

Copyright prevents others from taking someone else’s work without permission or claiming another person’s work as their own. It can also prevent people from using the same idea that someone else came up with first without giving credit (or obtaining permission).

Contact the Website Hosting Your Images and Ask Them to Remove Them

It is unfortunate, but it happens. Some business owners believe that they are entitled to use your images for their own purposes without permission and it can be difficult to find out who the copyright infringement belongs to in order to get them removed. If you are a victim of copyright infringement, contact the website hosting your images and ask them to remove them as soon as possible!

Contact Law Enforcement If There Has Been a Crime Committed

If you are the owner of a copyrighted work, and someone has committed copyright infringement by using it without your permission, contact law enforcement as soon as possible. Examples may include: downloading photos from your gallery and posting them without giving you credit or using your photos without your permission.

You should also notify the website where they found out about the content so that they can take action to remove it if necessary. Contacting law enforcement is the safest way to avoid further problems with a person committing copyright infringement on your intellectual property rights because until then, there’s nothing stopping them from doing more damage in future situations.

Be Aware of Who Can See Your Photo 

Be Aware of Who Can See Your Photo 

It’s important that if you have any type of content on social media that is sensitive in nature or could be damaging if it falls into the wrong hands, that you take precautions and learn about privacy settings. 

When you upload a photo to Facebook, you’ll be able to tweak the settings so that it is not public. You can set your privacy level for all posts at “friends” or even make portions of each post private by editing the picture and adding in-text or drawings – this could be anything from writing something about what’s happening in your life privately just with one person to blocking out faces so that other people don’t know who is there.

It’s important that if you have any type of content on social media that is sensitive in nature or could be damaging if it falls into the wrong hands, that you take precautions and learn about privacy settings.

File a DMCA Complaint

If you’re looking for help with copyright infringement, don’t hesitate to contact the people who can assist you – Facebook or Twitter. If they are notified of a DMCA infringement complaint within 24 hours, they will take down the content and ban the person from their site. You could also file a DMCA complaint with them if copyrighted content is still up after 24 hours of notice.

You Can Send a Cease-and-desist Letter

If you're looking for help with copyright infringement, don't hesitate to contact the people who can assist you

When you find your photo on someone else’s website, it can be shocking to see the copyright infringement. The good news is that there are ways to get them to stop using your image and remove any posts that have been made with your photo. One way is by sending a cease-and-desist letter, which will notify them of legal action if they do not comply with the demand for removal. 

The first step to sending a cease-and-desist letter is making sure you have all of the information about where the photo has been posted. You’ll need a list of these URLs and any other identifying information if possible, such as the name or account associated with it.

A good way to find this info is by searching for your photos on Google Image Search. It will provide you with links to pages where they were uploaded without your permission–find those links and save them in an organized file then send out notifications that let people know what’s happening.

A cease-and-desist letter should be sent using certified mail so there’s proof of delivery (check state law).

Hire a Lawyer 

The new copyright law is finally in effect and it will make hiring lawyers easier for people who believe their work has been infringed. However, legal fees can be expensive and this process may take a significant amount of time. 

The advantage of hiring an attorney is that it can be a lot quicker and easier. This process will require you to provide the lawyer with details about the infringement, including copies of both your work and any evidence in support of your claim.

The new law also allows for attorneys to take on cases without first proving they have a personal stake in them (which means clients don’t need to pay upfront) but still charge their usual rates based on estimated hours spent. An additional benefit may include gaining representation from an experienced lawyer who has experience working within copyright law and knows what needs to be done at every stage of the process so there are fewer chances for mistakes or missteps along the way!

Protect Your Photos with Watermarks

Use a Watermark to Protect Your Photos

A watermark can be a great way to protect your photos from unauthorized use and copyright infringement. Pictures are one of the most frequently copied types of content on the internet. This is why many people consider adding a watermark to their photo because it serves as an indicator that you own this image and no one else is allowed to copy or distribute it without permission.


If you’ve had your image stolen, it’s important to know that there are steps you can take. We recommend contacting the website where the photo was taken and getting them to remove it as soon as possible. You should also contact any social media sites where someone has posted your image and ask for their cooperation in removing the post within 24 hours of notice being given. While this may seem like a lot of work, if they refuse or ignore your request then we have some other options available that could help!

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