Online Photography Portfolio: 5 Tips in Choosing the Best Wedding Photos to Feature


Perfecting your online photography portfolio makes sense

You need to be sure that you feature the best photographs you have in your online photography portfolio, especially if you are a wedding photographer—or if you’re aspiring to be one. It could seem quite daunting and demanding –

as a matter of fact, other photographers feel that having an impressive online photography portfolio is actually more challenging than capturing wedding photos in the first place.

Nevertheless, before you panic and put every picture you have ever taken in your online photography portfolio, slow down and take a deep breath. Making sure that you’re featuring your best images is important and could take a little bit of time, but it is not so tricky.

Let us help you figure out which images you should feature in your wedding photography portfolio, through the help of our tips:

Why Your Wedding Photography Portfolio Matters

It’s common knowledge that you need an online photography portfolio, but do you really know why? There’s really no excuse for not banking in on this powerful advertising and marketing tool in today’s age of quick and easy to create online photography portfolios and readymade templates. Coupled with your Instagram efforts, it is the most efficient way to show people what you are all about.

In any case, not every wedding photography is the same, and you are not exactly going to be the best photographer for every photography job.

Moreover, your online photography portfolio would be the primary example of your photography skills. It would also be ideal for potential clients to see what you are like as a wedding photographer. Keep in mind that you are capturing your clients on the most special and the tensest and anxious days of their entire lives.

Hence, take the chance to show potential clients what you could do, who you have already worked with, and principally, why they would be silly not to work with you.

Keep Your Target Audience In Mind

The heart of a good online photography portfolio is that it knows who would be looking at it. Before you even think of uploading each and every single one of your photos, it’s best to take time and figure out who you want to sell your photography services to, and what value you can offer them.

If your answer is, “well, brides,” then you are absolutely correct. There, you have your target market. However, keep in mind that a bride might have a different opinion, say, the bride’s mother. It’s worth noting that somebody who wants to hire your services to shoot her wedding dresses could have a basically different set of preferences and needs than a bride or a wedding planner.

This likewise applies to the kind of images that you prefer to shoot more of. If you have a certain photography style or genre—like venue weddings or black and white photography– then ensure that you highlight your expertise. It helps to present yourself as one of the best in your particular photography niche, so it helps to inform your clients beforehand.

It is likewise critical to make sure that all your pictures appear to be taken by you. Although you might have different photography styles, it is essential to show potential clients that your work is always consistent, and your skills are dependable, rather than looking like your best shots were somehow accidental.

Show Your Best Always

Although it might appear helpful to you to put a lot of different photographs in your online photography portfolio, it is likewise vital to exercise your creative eye. Why? Because your online photography portfolio, in general, is more likely going to be assessed on your worst photo than your best.

When it comes to your online photography portfolio, more is definitely not better. You would want to show that you are consistent in the kind and quality of your shots. Rather than trying to feature everything you have ever done, your online photography portfolio should only show 15-20 photos.

Show What You Do

It is also important to ensure that you aren’t overpromising on a project that you can’t completely and satisfactorily deliver on. For example, if you take gorgeous black and white photography on film, but you haven’t really explored the niche digitally, ensure that you don’t promise your clients bright color digital photographs.

It could look like you are casting a wider net, but it could set you up for a huge disappointment.

Moreover, be careful of the photos that you highlight in your online photography portfolio. If you know that an impressive photo involved a specific combination of elements that you may not likely be able to recreate, do not use this to promote your business and services, regardless of how great the picture might look.

Maximize Your Online Photography Portfolio on Social Media

In the social-media-driven society that we all live in, it is crucial to understand that the internet is powerful enough to boost your brand awareness and help you reach out to more brides-to-be. So, it’s also advantageous to use social media platforms to your benefit.

For instance, Instagram is an excellent way to charm people into visiting your online photography portfolio and, finally, hire you as their wedding photographer. Showing off your wedding portfolio a wonderful way to give potential clients a taste of what they could expect from your services, as well as to display your personality in a relaxed and casual way.

Therefore, choose your photographs wisely, and make sure to curate your Instagram posts with the same level of attention that you use to build your online photography portfolio. Moreover, it is a convenient way to feature your other good shots, which might not have been your favourites, but still, showcase your taste and skill.


People say that you might never get another chance after a first impression, so it is crucial to understand that your online photography portfolio goes a long way to introduce you to potential clients. Instead of displaying a weak online photography portfolio, elevate it and give your work the respect it deserves.

Most importantly, don’t forget to protect your photos before uploading them online with unlimited watermarks from Watermarquee.