5 Ways a Photo Watermark Can Help in Direct Sales Success

How can photo watermarks help increase the proceeds of direct sales companies?

A lot of people nowadays are making a living in non-conventional ways, proving that the traditional 9-to-5 job is not the only way to achieve it! With hectic schedules, multiple priorities, and generally busy lives, today’s goal-oriented career-seekers search for more flexibility and strike a better balance for themselves and the people they love. It has been very much evident in the latest rise of direct sales companies, which could provide their sales representatives the chance to set their own hours, be creative, and work at their own pace. Direct sales companies like Stella & Dot, Young Living, and LuLaRoe haven’t only innovated the way we shop, they have improved the way we work, too!

Why Direct Sales Companies?

Even though a harmonious work-life balance could be the very thing that attracts people’s interest to direct sales companies, it is oftentimes the room for creativity that they provide is what keeps their sales representatives truly thriving—and even flourishing in the business! Often sales rep go for a company or a product that relates to their own passions and backs up their personal goals. Although it really helps to sell a good product line or a one-of-a-kind product offering, these products can’t sell themselves. The secret to successful sales lies significantly within the sales representative!

If you are a sales rep for a company like Young Living or LuLaRoe, you already know that your unique style, marketing strategy, and personality are the real assets in making big bucks in the direct sales industry. Your communication style and personal marketing materials are what communicates your clients and fancy their imaginations. The trust and relationships you establish with your clients keep them satisfied and come back to buy more.

Even though other direct sale companies and their representatives still heavily depend on the old concept of word-of-mouth sales, the contemporary and savvy sales rep taps into the power of electronic communications and social networking sites to reach their clients. For the modern shopper, sending a link to a company website or product catalog just won’t do!
Sales is a cutthroat industry, and your competitors are doing a lot more than that. Do you remember earlier when we said that it is your uniqueness that makes the biggest difference?

Photo Watermarking for Direct Sales

To attract potential clients online, you would need a relatively strong online presence at websites and social media platforms where you’re sure your potential client base already visits.

Yes, social media sites like Instagram and Facebook will be essential to connecting with your clients, and regular activity on these social media sites would keep your brand and products in front of potential customers.

Protects Your Photos

Nonetheless, we likewise need to keep in mind that, just as we are cautious with what information we post and upload on social media sites, we also have to be careful about our marketing approaches. Since our uniqueness and style motivate our customers to buy our products, we simply can’t allow our competitors to steal our sales by poaching our personal marketing materials! It’s effortless for others to download and use our photos and utilize our advertisements, and make big bucks when it should’ve been us. This is why you need to protect your online ads and photos.

The easiest and most straightforward method to do this is to place permanent watermarks on each and every single photo you upload online. A photo watermark labels your marketing materials as yours and yours only, in a way that others cannot use them without your consent.

Watermarking deters those who steal images without the original owner’s permission and upload them on different social media platforms and websites. Typically, they would just move on to other pictures that don’t have watermarks. Image theft actually happens a lot more than you would imagine.

Watermaraking Your Photos Looks Professional

This is a highly-debated topic, but some people believe that using a photo watermark could make your product photos look more professional. Watermarking shows that you care about your work enough to protect it and make sure that only your paying clients would have absolute access. Use a clear, streamlined photo watermark that doesn’t have typographical errors and other mistakes to keep your professionalism.

Brands Your Images

Watermarks could likewise be a branding tool for your brand. Putting your website and contact details in the watermark could help attract potential clients when they see your work. Don’t make the watermark too big or too tiny to read. Also, put only the most pertinent information that a potential client might need. If you don’t feel comfortable putting the watermark in the center of your photo, you could place it in a more inconspicuous spot, like the bottom right corner.

Examples of Watermark Placement

Here are a few of the various ways in which direct sales companies watermark their product photos:

Add Store Address

Adding your website URL helps people find you quickly online. Make sure that the font makes your URL easy to read, and you put it somewhere that can’t be easily cropped.

Background Tile Effect

Adding a tiled logo for watermark means that there is more branding. You can place the logo ‘underneath’ the product photo so that it does not intrude on the actual look of the product.

Plain Branding

You can also place the photo watermark at the bottom of every product image. You can make it large enough that people could read the writing and immediately know who is selling the product. Putting the watermark logo at the bottom of the picture helps preserve the customer’s view of the product.

Photo Watermarking Bottom Line

Online watermarking websites like Watermarquee allow users to watermark as many photos as they like without installing any software on their computer or device. If you want to use your company logo in your photo watermark, you could put it wherever you like on your pictures. Make the watermark obvious so that your photos cannot be stolen by someone else, but do not detract the focus away from your product. You could also put your contact details as a watermark, so potential clients can track you, inquire about your products, and the sale revenues end up in YOUR pocket!