10 Most Exciting Photography Trends to Watch Out For


Why should we be aware of the newest photography trends?

A few years ago, photography trends were only interesting for professional photographers whose bread and butter are the pictures and images they take. Upcoming fresh trends, however, have such an immense impact on the world of photography that photographers must be aware of what people will be watching for in the future. It will also be beneficial to have some time to think about these upcoming trends in photography and to recreate the wheel and make something similar but new. Hey, you might even get some ideas on how to build your first online photo portfolio.


Times Have Evolved


The art of photography is no longer something for a limited number of people – it’s a favourite hobby of millions. Innovations affect our lives at every turn, and there are tons of new trends in photography that people want to be part of.
Accessibility of modern and state-of-the-art photography equipment has opened the door for enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals alike to pursue new niches in capturing captivating images. As photographers try to experiment with new techniques, some exciting photography trends emerge and produce beautiful results. Here are some of the newest and freshest photography trends to check out in 2020.


Macro photography is a photographic style that zooms in close to an object (or part of it) to capture its intricate details. Think of pollen on the wings of a flower or a butterfly, for example. Macro photography takes a day-to-day object and displays it in a way we have never perceived and thought about before.

When we look at the subject through a macro lens, or the special device used to make every layer of detail clear, for the first time, our mind is fascinated by the opened scene. In this special moment, people could easily forget that millions of other people have already seen and photographed these things. In photography trends like this, you’re going to need to be more creative and original.


While most of the population enjoys the freedom of digital photography instead of using traditional film, photographers are back in film photography. It requires thoughtfulness and intention to make sure the angles and lights capture the best shot possible before shooting a photo. Working with photographic film also allows photographers to discover the basis of this visual world. And best of all, after capturing your shot, you have a physical, tangible object.

Light Painting

This method is one of the most versatile photography trends. The same image can be shot in several different ways by experimenting with exposure time, natural and artificial light, and reflection.

This is a profitable trend for photographers because of its unlimited creative potential. Everyday photos become captivating works of art with a few simple adaptations of lighting. It does not need any special equipment or lenses and is not limited to studio settings. For photographers who enjoy experimenting with shadow and light, light painting is an excellent niche to show off their artistry and skill.



High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is a method that taps the range of brightness between the lightest and darkest areas of the subject. It does not need any special equipment, although it takes a little more time to edit and get the wanted result. HDR photos are perfect for portrait and landscape photography because of their ability to highlight differences between light and shadow in an image and to strike a balance within the two.

A lot of modern cameras have an HDR setting that lets the user set the contrast styles directly in the shot and saves the editing time. Some photographers choose to take three photos at different shutter speeds and then combine them to create a final image.


Panoramic photography, or photography, uses wide-format photographs to capture larger images, such as skylines and landscapes. It’s designed to capture the image in the same way our eyes can see it.

If a wide format lens is not available, but you want to experiment with photography trends like this, many smartphone cameras offer panoramic settings. You could also edit individual photos to create a single panoramic shot.

Aerial photography is one of the newest photography trends


Air photography used to be limited only to those with access to helicopters or aircraft. Now, thanks to the popularity of drones, almost anyone can take mesmerizing images from the air. The clumsy drones of the past that cost the arm and the leg have innovated into a new generation of compact photo drones that cost less and take higher-quality images with a wide range of settings. While there are state rules for where and when drone photography and photography trends like this are acceptable, there is a rapid trend as a new outlet for architectural, landscape and wildlife photographers to capture images that would otherwise not have been feasible.

Vibrant Colors

Bright and bold and strong, colours are what we expect to see in 2020. We believe this is to draw attention to the hundreds of thousands of photos that are taken and shared daily. The bolder and stronger the colour, the louder it cries out. And that’s what it needs if it’s to get seen. Graffiti, wall paintings, and other outdoor ideas are also becoming more trendy and louder to stand out.

Saffron 14-1064

There have been many internet chatters about teal and orange split-tone over the last few years or so. Of course, nothing new has been created. What is new, however, is how we use the colours in our photos and how we manage them.
In 2020, we anticipate a trend in photography where the Pantone colour, Saffron, is widely used. You could also find the yellowish-orange colour in the photo editing apps by using the Pantone number, in this case, 14-1064.

360 Photography Trends

360 ° photography is going to be a massive trend in photography in 2020. Whether it’s real estate photography or panoramic landscape photography, there is a huge potential. This type of photograph became popular in product photography, where the subject turns as the camera captured it. Now, photographers are improving the way we shoot pictures by turning the 360 ° camera as it captures.

Timelapse photography is also a benefit of this process. However, it is also excellent for real estate photography. With this trend, you could capture a 360 ° shot of a room where the viewer can move around as if they were actually there. It helps bridge the gap in reality and digital photography. You can also design tiny globes, which, when done right, look marvellous.

Nature Awareness

As we move deeper into a more technological world, there will always be resistance. We ‘re looking to use the natural environment in our images, one way or the other. It could be product photography or even portraits, like weddings.

A natural setting fits into our increasing awareness of the environment. Our relationship with nature is developing more and more. This is evident in our consumer behaviour by actively opting for natural and sustainable ingredients.

As we continue to search for these products, manufacturers need to source images from a natural setting. This also paves the way for your choices in stock photography images. Hence, nature awareness and sustainability are one of the freshest photography trends to watch out for in 2020.


Every year, we look at our photos and evaluate them with a magnifying glass. Complexity has always been the main player in photography trends, where photographers use top-of-the-line colour management methods.

With the reputation of Instagram and its overused filters, photographers that want to stand out and be taken seriously are taking a step back.

They choose something that makes their images unique and different: a more minimalist approach. How about that? Less noise signifies more focus on the subject. This applies to fashion, portrait photography, landscape photography, etc. The more minimal your images are, the better they are. PRofessional photographers choose to watermark their online photos to protect them from theft. You can too! Watermarquee allows you to add a watermark right on your  browser, so no downloading to your computer. Check our their Pro version with unlimited watermarks.

There are almost unlimited ways for photographers to create mesmerizing works of art through these and other photography trends, and by using old techniques and equipment more freshly. Photography is an art form that is constantly changing and paving new ways for creative photographers to showcase their talent. Now, check out some photography mistakes that you need to avoid.