Watermark Online Photos-Do I Need to?

Watermark Online

Watermark online? By looking at the type of ‘users’ who watermark images and ‘why’ – they choose to protect their intellectual property in this way –  you can decide if you should be doing so – with your photos.

Watermark Online Photos

Watermark online – Why?

Watermarks are tools that reduce the chances of someone taking your photos, images or logo and using them unscrupulously without your permission. It is a message in the form of a logo, stamp, or signature that can be superimposed onto a photo that you have created – to help protect it.

Your creativity and work is something that you want people to see and know that it is yours.  Using the same watermark online, on all your photos will become your “brand” or signature.

Watermark Online Photos free

It can also hold some of the metadata information on your images or logos when it is downloaded. Just make sure you put that information in the metadata name and description.

Companies that use a watermark on their images/photos

Stock photo companies offer photos and images online – some may be free however those that are not will have watermarks incl:-

  1. iStock – a large library of professional images to use on your website that are reasonably priced.


  1. Stock Photo Secrets Shop – offers a countless selection of high-quality pictures explicitly custom-made for small and medium-sized businesses with smaller budgets.
  1. Depositphotos – Another stock photo business designed with small business and smaller budgets in mind has a large selection to choose from.
    1. GettyImages – a selection of non-stock-like photos and graphics some of which you will not find on the stock image sites.

These images and photos can be used to make your website more appealing and look more professional. All of these sites have different categories to choose from to purchase your photos and images with a license for use.

If you cannot afford the better images at this point then visit one of the free sites such as Pixabay or Pexels; but as soon as you can afford to buy stock photos, do so. They will look better and be a better fit for your business.

Other industries that use watermarks are:-

Watermark Online

  • Realtors such as Century 21 and RE/MAX. From the photos and logos on their website to their letterhead all use watermarks to make it look professional and deter theft of images – particularly photos of homes they are selling.
  • Professional Photographers such as -Robert Clark, Hannah Morales, or Gillian Laub who photographs cityscapes, people, animals as well as photographers who shoot weddings, school pictures, fashion photographs or family photos etc. – their photos are marked as proofs until the client decided which poses or photos they wish to buy. You get copies of all the various poses and backgrounds but they are clearly marked “proof” on them to protect the professional photographer’s work.


It keeps the client from taking them to a different printer and having them printed up instead of having the original photographer print them.

  • Graphic Designers that you have probably heard of such as Saul Bass, Cipe Pineles, Paul Rand, Milton Glaser and Massimo Vignelli to name a few use a watermark image of the design, to help protect their creative material. 

Borrowing Images without Permission

All these companies have one thing in common; they all want to protect their brand, logo, and products from people who think they can borrow them without permission! The watermark logo or image reduces the ability for people to simply use their logos or images for their own purposes.

That is the same reason you should consider watermarking photos you share on social media or anywhere else online such as webpages or blog posts. You do the work to take the photo or create the image with artwork and you need to protect it.

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Consider Opaque Watermarking

Many companies and individuals, who watermark photos, use opaque watermarking and it does work well.  Don’t be afraid to try it. Go on give it a go for free at Watermarquee, simply set the Opaque setting.

watermark photo logo

It can keep the focus on your image instead of your watermark.  An opaque watermark online can help you with audience monitoring, content honesty and even forensics.  The three key reasons watermarks are used today is:-

  • Protection
  • Promotion
  • Branding

Go on give it a go – try it out for free at Watermarquee.

Watermark Online Photos/logos

Watermarquee offers watermarking 5 images at once, for free.  This way it gets done quicker. There are templates you can choose from or go with your own design. It is easy to upload, edit, save, and then to download or share them once they have been watermarked. Using the editor at Watermarquee you can choose your font, the color, and more.       

Watermark Online Photo maker                                                                  

Should you have large numbers of photos or perhaps they are very large photos – Watermarquee Pro can handle it.  For a one time fee of just US19 – you get a lifetime license. You can then watermark an unlimited number of photos – any time.

water marquee pro

Watermark Protection

We have discussed the importance of watermarking your photographs. It should be harder for someone to take your work and using a watermark helps reduce the problem of your work showing up as someone else’s work.

Layers of Protection

Layers of Protection

The more layers of protection (watermark and metadata information) you use the more reduced the risk of your photos being used illegally. That includes turning on the copyright function of your camera as well – if it has it. Not all cameras will have this function it will depend on the age and type of camera you use. If your camera does not have the copyright function, just use the watermarks and metadata information to protect your photos and images.

In conclusion

There are millions of examples of watermarking a photo all around us every day. A watermark helps protect your work from being used unlawfully by someone else.  There have been some crazy court case settlements of unlawful use of photos.  Know the laws pertaining to copyright on your photos and images, that way if do find your work where it isn’t supported to be, you can get compensation.

Choosing where to place your watermark, and whether it will be visible or invisible is entirely up to you but it will protect your work. It will also help with marketing your work. When people see the watermark or watermark logo you attach to your work they will know that it is John Doe’s work or Jane Smith’s work.

That makes it easier for them to find you and your work. Especially small entrepreneurs who are just getting started and really can’t afford a high priced marketing campaign just yet.

Think of your watermark as a business card that people can see. It can tell them your name, your website; whatever you want them to know as far as how to contact you. It can become a referral to people who see it, especially on social media sites.

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Do I Need to Watermark Online Photos?

So what did you decide?

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