4 Ways to Improve Your Video Engagement

Videoing Tips to Engage your Audience

There’s no denying that video content is mandatory for any business that wants to get the attention of its target audience. Watching videos is one of the most popular pastimes in this day and age, and most people are even willing to watch through advertisements, provided they aren’t too long and obnoxious.

Thus, it offers ample opportunity for new businesses to start by going for engaging video content.


That said, getting the attention of online users with video content is easier said than done. There isn’t always a straightforward path to success, but there are many different paths to take to improve your chances. Here are four solid ways to improve your video engagement.

Follow the rule of TikTok and go for shorter videos

Some companies use the tried and tested marketing tactic of placing as much relevant information as possible in their videos.

While it might end up getting the attention of those already predisposed to the company’s products, everyone else will likely close the video before it can impart anything meaningful.
One of the reasons TikTok is such a successful social media platform is that it tries to do more with much less.

As a result, concise videos are the norm, and the result is a surprisingly successful way to get video engagement across.

While you don’t necessarily have to go for 20-second videos, keeping it as short and to the point as possible is for the best.

The power of accessibility

There’s no denying that accessibility is the way to go when trying to increase video engagement. Something as simple as adding closed captions could open the door to an entirely new demographic, as those who are hard of hearing can better follow the content.

Fortunately, accurate closed captions are quite easy to achieve by relying on the right professionals.

It might not seem like a big deal compared to many other improvements, but something as simple as closed captions can provide the most bang for the buck.

You’ll have a much easier time getting people to watch your videos if you make things more convenient for them.

There are even audio description services for those with vision problems. If you want to get people to support you, the idea is to show them that your company cares enough to go the extra mile.


Be aware of where your videos are played

For example, if a company intends to spread its message with the help of video streaming websites such as YouTube, there are some rules to follow that are specific to YouTube.

The YouTube algorithm also acts differently from other search engine algorithms, which means more research is necessary.

That said, YouTube is also known for having a relatively easy algorithm to optimize, as you’ll find most of the keywords you need in the recommended bar.

Such is the reason why many of the most popular videos tend to follow similar beats. A description that is short and gets straight to the point can also go a long way to help overall video engagement.

Taking the necessary steps can ensure that you are never blindsided when posting videos anywhere outside your website. It can also offer plenty of insights when it comes to catching the attention of your target demographic.

While it might take some practice to master, understanding the platforms where your videos play can be a significant step forward for any business or content creator.

More Ways to Improve Your Video Engagement

Keep your website optimized!

Last but certainly not least, if you are interested in people watching your videos on your website, the best thing to do is develop an optimized site. Keeping things simple and ensuring those who enter your site can get what they want right away is crucial to gaining full video engagement.

Content such as videos and articles are great for any website, though everything else must get straight to the point. It also helps that keeping things simple will make your site and your videos load faster, increasing the odds of people watching all the way through.

Another part of web optimization includes focusing on the mobile side of things. There’s no denying that most people prefer to surf the web using their smartphones, even if their laptops or desktop computers are within arm’s reach.

In addition, most people are content to use their phones for just about everything, which is why it is crucial to shift your focus toward mobile as much as possible. The rule of thumb is to build your website for mobile as a priority.

Interact with your target demographic as much as you can

It’s an age where people expect to interact with the businesses they support, which is where social media comes in. One way to help improve general video engagement is to ensure that you are keeping up with your supporters online. One of the most significant advantages an active social media account offers is that many online users have surprisingly good ideas when it comes to making improvements to a company.

Feedback is crucial, and taking the time to listen and respond to constructive feedback is always a good thing for your videos. Anyone who wants to improve their videos as much as possible would do well to make improvements based on the viewers’ feedback.

It’s understandable to want a more isolated experience when it comes to making videos, but there’s a reason why companies that listen to their supporters are so successful. There are times when it’s challenging to make improvements without an outside perspective, something that the viewers have in droves.

A company that listens to their customers is far more likely to achieve overall success and get their target demographic’s attention.

Looking into the latest trends

While it might seem like a straightforward and obvious tip, not too many people look into trends and their patterns when building video engagement. There’s no doubt that following trends is the key to success when it comes to digital marketing, photography, and the same thing goes for videos.

Even if the content creator is not particular about using their videos for marketing, video content will always be about marketing. Fortunately, it can be quite easy to learn about the patterns given enough time. With enough research and experience, it’s possible to be a trendsetter for your chosen platform.

However, building videos only for the sake of trends has a habit of backfiring due to the lack of sincerity with the content. It can be clear to viewers when a company or content creator is simply phoning it in, which is why the ideal solution is to look into topics that interest you.

Eventually, you’ll become more skilled at mixing current trends with your personal style of videos, which will ultimately lead to standout success.

While there are many roads to success when building video engagement, there are just as many roadblocks for those who aren’t prepared to get the job done. Video engagement can be tricky for those who aren’t sure where to start, though it’s more than possible to learn how with the above tips. Given enough time and consistency, you’ll find more and more ways to get the attention of your demographic.