Best Baby Photoshoot Ideas: 8 Photography Tips for Beginners

What baby photo-shoot ideas should you keep in mind on your next newborn photo-shoot?

Best Baby Photoshoot Ideas: 8 Photography Tips for Beginners

If you’re into newborn photography, you will never have a shortage of customers! The demand for baby photo-shoots is booming as everybody has babies — and they all want adorable pictures of their little ones. For photographers who like to try out various photography niches or monetize their photography skills, this is spectacular news. Baby photos are also an awesome addition to your online portfolio since great baby photoshoots can really display your talent and skills as a photographer.

Want to learn some baby photo shoot ideas so you can profit from this profitable business? Our list of baby photo shoot ideas will guide you in snapping newborn photos like a pro.

Be Aware of Your Client’s Expectations

When you’re doing newborn photography, time is really of the essence, so you need to set your clients’ expectations for the photo shoot before their bundle of joy gets on set.

Take some time to find out what kind of baby photo shoot ideas the customer is after. You have two kinds of photos of newborns: posed and lifestyle.

So, what’s the difference?

Posed Newborn Photos

Positioned shots can occur either in a studio or a venue of the clients’ choice. An ideal posed newborn should be done when the baby is only just a few weeks old because they are still very sleepy most of the time. They are usually shot with a few well-placed baby photography props, such as a “one-month-old!” sign or a soft velvety cover.

Lifestyle Newborn Photos

Newborn lifestyle photo-shoots are intended to be much more relaxed. They are usually snapped at the house of the company, and captured with natural light and without many newborn picture props, hence you have more room to express a lot of your baby photo shoot ideas. The newborn may be up to a couple of months old at this stage because they are still relatively moldable and utterly sleepy.

A newborn photo shoot of a lifestyle aims to snap more candid shots of the baby in their own home or environment, and it usually includes the parents in the photos. Such photo shoots are usually a little quicker as they require less setup and careful styling, as long as the lighting is fine.

Be Prepared with The Right Equipment and Cool Baby Photo shoot Ideas

It’s important to have the right camera and accessories on hand-particularly when an infant or a baby is involved! Below are some things and accessories you should have to guarantee that you shoot the best possible pics for your baby photo shoot.

Memory Cards

Make sure you have a ton of storage space for all the awesome newborn photos you’ll be saving on your memory cards.

Multiple Lenses

Consider all the different angles and shots you can take from the subject and bring the proper lens with you.


These are crucial to snapping pictures of those awww-inducing bird’s s-eye views.

Now it’s time to collect some more props unique to babies, including:


You need to ensure that you have a lot of cute and adorable toys with you. If you need to capture the child’s focus in a certain way, it doesn’t always work to clap your hands or snap your fingers.

Large, Soft Cushion

Try to imagine a big soft ottoman, or anything similar. The baby can lie on that, giving you access to 360-degree shooting, which is essential to newborn photos.


These are perfect for splashing a dash of color or making textures pop — and help keep the baby a little more relaxed.

Theme Props

This is the awesome part: try to have different choices, including buckets, barrels, huge flowers, cute and furry animal ears, etc. Try to keep your prop arsenal up to date with trendy pieces a few times a year; parents should always be satisfied with your baby photo shoot ideas and props!

Soothing Music

Have a playlist packed with calming music on your phone to help block your shutter’s sound and keep the baby fast asleep. Remember that sleep time is crucial when it comes to baby photoshoots.

Prep Your Clients

Your customers need to have a good idea of what will happen during the photo shoot, as well as any baby photo shoot ideas you may have. Your best bet possibly is an email template. Craft an email outlining the photo shoot itinerary and what you will be providing or bringing with you, as well as what your customers should bring, like any props and baby photo shoot ideas they wish to try.

Work Those Colors

There are a couple of baby photo shoot ideas you might to try here.

Match It

You want the infant to be the star of the photo-shoot! One way to do that is to use a variety of complementary shades for your backdrop and any baby photography props, such as earth tones and warm colors. Do not take the attention of the audience from the centerpiece.

Complement It

Play with contrasting colors, such as a rich violet, or light yellow or even sea foam purple.

Pastel It

If you want photos of the baby to look very cool and chic, go for a pastel-coloured backdrop and accessories. Pale pink, butter yellow, baby blue–they all look fantastic.

Master the Poses

A timeless tummy pose is a lovely start for newborn pictures. Once you get the hang of it, try other baby photo shoot ideas and gently push the child onto their side with the parents’ support and permission for a sweet side shot, then proceed to the sprawling back shot.

Go With the Flow

For all photography newbies, here is a great baby photo shoot idea: let the baby move! Let the little one wiggle, grin, pinch, and rollover on their hands. These are perfect times to be present and snap away. Many of these natural movements are pretty adorable, so use that sweetness to benefit.

And don’t fear being macro. With the baby sleeping it’s an ideal time to get up close a

nd snap away from those cute fingers that grab Dad’s head, or the plump tiny toes that stick out adorably from under the covers.

Even downtime is a chance for a candid shot, be it a moment of relaxation between the newborn and dad or a mutual smile during feeding. These spur-of-the-moment photos also turn out to be the real jewels. Just make sure that the parents give their consent.

Make it a Family Affair

Often newborn photo shoots may involve more than just the baby: mommy, daddy, and siblings may come along. Some clients like their family pet to join in on the fun, too!

The connection is essential, and preparation even more so. Discuss what will happen on the day, suggestions on what the clients should wear, and let them know what you’ll bring. Coordinate their wardrobes with your props or the baby’s booties. You have to think about baby photo shoot ideas that can help make your shoot a success. The best part is if the family likes the shoot, they are going to refer you to their friends and family, and your client base is going to boom.

Add Newborn Photography to Your Online Portfolio

You never know where the next career-changing referral would be coming from, so always be prepared! Make sure you show off your fantastic baby photo shoot ideas and add those breathtaking newborn pics to your online photography portfolio. These will showcase your photography skills to potential clients. The more breathtaking newborn pictures you have on your site, the more clients will want to book you to snap their little ones!