The Best Way To Watermark Photos – Free Watermark Maker

The Best Way To Watermark Photos – Free Watermark Maker

If you want to protect the copyright of your work and ensure that it cannot be reused or altered without your permission, then watermarking your photos should be an essential part of your process. Not only can watermarking act as a form of insurance that your watermarked images will be protected from desperate thieves, but it can also act as a branding tactic. 

How to make a watermark

Much like a painter will mark their work with a signature, a photographer or digital content maker can create custom watermarks for their work, almost like a watermark logo, which is a way to get your name out and heighten brand awareness. 

Luckily, watermarking is as easy as it is useful! With a great range of software out there offering watermark templates and general watermark services, there’s no end to the options. In fact, there are even a select variety of services that offer free watermarking! So, if you’re looking to watermark photos for free, then look no further than these free watermark app options. 

What Is The Best Free Watermark Maker? 


PhotoMarks is a watermarker software that works across desktop operating systems (both Windows and Mac) and also on portable devices, (iOS only) which means you can use it to create image watermarks whenever and wherever you are. PhotoMarks watermark tool can be used to layer multiple lines of text over pictures and add text effects like stroke or shadow, making it ideal for photographers and other creators who want the flexibility to add watermark’s that have a transparent background and adjust watermark position on the fly.  


Format Factory

As far as watermark programs go, Format Factory is relatively comprehensive for a free watermark software on Windows 10. Able to process both still photos and videos, it appeals to users who need to work with both media. Format Factory is also very versatile, offering the ability to watermark Instagram photos, set a manual watermark position, preview watermark content and event adjust watermark position on videos, a service that is rarely offered by other apps, making it a good choice if that is a priority for you. 


UMark is a watermarking program that handles bulk images processing easily. With uMark you can easily stamp your watermark, barcodes or QR codes onto pictures to make it easier for viewers to navigate back to the original author. It’s also available in eight languages, making it more accessible than other software for watermarking images.

Free Options For Custom Watermarks


A little more slick in design than many others in this round-up, Motionbox can be used as a free photo editing software to add a watermark but also doubles as an app that lets you add automatic subtitle captions to video content. An odd combination of services, but still very useful if the need for subtitles ever arises. In terms of actual watermarking capabilities however, motion box is slightly lacking, not allowing you create watermark or logo watermark options manually, as well as lacking any output settings screen, meaning it Motion box can’t be used to resize photos. 

The Best Option – WaterMarquee

Users looking for the best free watermark service, however, should look no further than WaterMarquee. This free watermark software is browser based, meaning that it can be accessed by any kind of device so long as it’s connected to the internet. This is excellent in terms of versatility as it allows anyone to import images from anywhere at any time, whether it be at work, at home, or even on holiday, a level of flexibility that is perfect for the busy photographer. 

And yet, for such an easily accessible option, WaterMarquee is also impressively powerful and generous in its features. With WaterMarquee you can create and upload custom watermarks, resize images directly in the browser, and then go ahead and watermark pictures and images however you like, thanks to the service’s impressive export settings and unique watermark designs. Thanks to these features, and the service’s impressive accessibility and versatility, WaterMarquee stands out as the best free watermark maker. 

How Does Watermarquee Work?

Import Photos Into WaterMarquee 

WaterMarquee is a very simple to use solution, that makes it incredibly easy to add custom watermarks. The first step is to drag and drop your photos, or even whole folders into the web page, or click on “Select images” and pick one of the following options: “From My Computer”, “From Google Drive” or “From Dropbox”. 

This will import the photos and images you select without any more hassle, and without storing them in any insecure system server. With this method, you can go ahead and add as many images as you please to WaterMarquee with only the press of a few buttons. How easy! 

Best Free Watermark Maker

Create, Customise And Add Watermark To Your Images 

Once you have uploaded your images you can start to get creative. Our service offers a broad range of options, so be sure to make use of our fully featured toolkit to edit your watermark. With WaterMarquee you can create custom watermarks without any hassle by simply choosing a font and color of the initial watermark. 

From there you can then adjust the size of the watermark, add a manual watermark position, and then go ahead and fine tune the opacity of the watermark, letting you really polish the overall look of the final product. This means with WaterMarquee you can play around and experiment as much as you want, feeling free to let your creativity flow, and making your ideal watermark that can not only protect your work, but also act as a form of artistic signature – what other free watermark maker offers a service like that? 


Export Watermarked Copies

Once you’re happy with your watermark, you can begin exporting simply and easily. Unlike other free watermark maker services, WaterMarquee doesn’t need the express and written permission from the software provider, a hurdle which usually involves a membership option, making your free watermark maker much less free than it seemed at first. 

With WaterMarquee however, you dont need to ever worry about hidden charges or complicated exports, instead giving you the ability to simply create, upload and then export your watermarked photos, even offering the advanced customisations option of selecting the format and quality of your watermarked pictures. All you have to do to complete this process is click on the “Watermark Images” button, to start the watermarking process, which won’t take longer than a few seconds. 

An even better feature that WaterMarquee provides is total retention of your original images. This means that instead of altering the original file provided like some free watermark makers do, WaterMarquee instead creates an entirely new copy of the original image, on which it applies your custom watermark in the exact location and style previously specified. Once the process is finished, all you have to do is download your watermarked copies to your device or save them to Google Photos, Dropbox, or any other cloud storage services. Once you’re done, WaterMarquee will go ahead and erase the photos you uploaded from its system, meaning that they will never have a chance to get into the wrong hands. 


A Few Watermarking Tips

Before you start watermarking it is important to have consider these useful watermarking tips, which can really help elevate your final product and ensure that you’re getting the most you can out of your free watermark marker. 

To start with, it’s important to remember that if your watermark is small and tucked into the corner of your image, crafty content thieves could still crop it out, so it’d be wise to place your watermark somewhere where it can’t be easily Photoshopped out. In fact, if you’re watermarking a digital image to protect your work, it is best to position your watermark over a busier part of the image to make any photoshopping even more difficult for thieves.  

Of course, there’s always the possibility that some desperate thieves will attempt to steal your watermarked works, however their attempts will be futile if you have placed your watermarks correctly, as they will either end up ruining the work in the process of removing the watermark, or when they publish the stolen work, it will still be directly attributed back to the real owner.  

Another useful watermarking tip is to really consider placement, style and opacity. While they’re always going to be effective, the bland and generic watermarks offered by some other free watermark maker services can really make a photographer’s work seem tacky or even unprofessional. To avoid this, creating a custom watermark that really represents your brand as a photographer is always a good decision, and it can really help elevate your work to the next level if used correctly. If you’re looking for inspiration, consider scrolling through some other professional photographer’s online albums and seeing how they incorporate watermarks into their work in a way that doesn’t detract, but instead adds to the overall product that they’re trying to sell. 

What Are You Waiting For?

If you want to keep your photography safe from theft, then its time to start using WaterMarquee’s free watermarking services, where you can create and upload your own custom watermark that will keep your work safe, and even double as and easily recognizable digital signature to really make your work pop. 

Once you’ve dived into everything WaterMarquee has to offer, the app even has a pro plan, that gives you unlimited access to all features and unlimited watermarking for all your photos for only $19.99. So, what are you waiting for? Protect your photography portfolio today with the great watermarking for free service from WaterMarquee!  

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