Real Estate Agent Secret Tip: 2 Ways Watermarking Can Help Your Career

Why should real estate agents learn to watermark property photos?

The weather is warming up, just like the real estate market. It’s indeed the best time to sell houses. There’s nothing else more exciting for real estate agents than a massive surge in the for-sale demand, together with a profusion of deep-pocketed customers who are looking to purchase their dream homes. It’s definitely the real estate counterpart of the perfect storm.

You have worked so diligently right through your real estate agent career. You have done so much more than link buyers with sellers and sellers with buyers. You have poured out your heart and energy into helping people find the ideal home, helping newlyweds begin their lives together on the right foot, and helping happy retirees downsize.

Sometimes the deals can be fast and furious, but sometimes the customers are with you for so long that you almost see them as a family!

If you have been in the real industry for quite a while, you already probably know how this goes – the property market starts to heat up, then all of a sudden, the number of real estate agents out there trying to represent sellers and buyers start to hit the roof. The struggle gets fiercer; the competition gets more intense.

Every opportunist real estate agent out there claims that this is their big opportunity to make it big in the industry! We seasoned agents have withstood many storms and still survived.

Nevertheless, that absolutely does not mean that we should let our guards down and not be vigilant.

Watermarking for Real Estate Agents

Now is the right time to watch out for those real estate opportunists. In this industry, your best asset is your excellent sales record. I’ll repeat it for you: your best asset, the one that makes you indispensable, is your unique sales record! You already know your neighbourhoods like the back of your hand, you know your statistics, your demographics, and you know the tricks of your trade.

Likewise, you ought to know that online communication is key to closed deals in the market nowadays, especially with the millennials. The contemporary clients don’t like taking phone calls; they would rather receive texts, emails, or direct messages on their social media.

Millennial clients aren’t so eager to wait for new real estate market listings every Friday. Instead, they would go through online listings and offerings in real-time.


However, before they do all that, they would first want to see real estate agents’ social media profiles, prior to choosing someone to represent them in one of the most significant decisions they will ever make in their lives!

Sure, as any real estate agent would, you would put your best foot forward on the internet and amaze potential clients with your records. However, if there’s any advice I can offer at this point, it is never to let other agents grab your sales track record.

A lot of agents, especially in this time and age, will brandish their largest sales online with bragging rights and photos, aiming to capitalize on those closed deals and attract new potential clients.

Do you remember those opportunists we have mentioned a while ago? They do not actually have the sales record and history that provides clients with the peace of mind that they have put their confidence and trust in the right agents.

Watermarking for Real Estate

If you are proud of your sales record, then post them online! A photo speaks a thousand words! Upload pictures on your website and on social media. Take it as a means of celebrating your victories and showcasing the beautiful properties you’ve had the opportunity to represent. Nevertheless, ensure that you protect those pictures as well as all of your hard work from getting stolen by other real estate agents.

It is too easy for them to download photos online, claim to have represented the properties, and gain future clients and business that they didn’t earn well! To protect your property images on the internet, you would need to mark and make them your own.

How to Watermark Property Images

One of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your photos is to add a visual watermark. In this manner, it would be evident which realtor or agency those pictures belong to, and in the rather implausible circumstance that someone still uploads them on their website, it will still benefit you by advertising your name and services!

Watermarking does not even have to be a hefty business expense – almost free or inexpensive and user-friendly online watermarking tools let you put text, logos, and your contact information, onto your pictures, to make them unusable for unapproved commercial purposes. Hey, your photos and sales are yours, and yours alone! Upload and advertise them without fear or reservations!

Watermarking Tools

There are a lot of digital tools that could help you achieve what you need to with your photos, but it is still highly recommended to use a particularly designed online tool for watermarking images.

The biggest benefit of those apps is that it lets you bulk watermark your pictures, thus saving you time and energy. No matter the number of images, you can watermark all of them in a single session.

Whether it’s just a logo, text, or a combination of both, your watermark is totally customizable; you can put it anywhere you like, apply effects like shadow or stroke, customize its opacity, rotate it to your liking, and a lot more. You could also choose to make a discreet and unobtrusive watermark or a prominent one that explicitly says who the pictures belong to. It’s all a matter of your personal preferences.

Using Watermarquee

Before we begin, it is worth noting we can use a service named WaterMarquee. It is an easy to use digital tool that lets you watermark a lot of photos at once. It is also online-based, so you don’t need to install any programs.

To use WaterMarquee:

1) Open the WaterMarquee website and click on “Start Watermarking Now” to start the watermarking process.

2) Hit “Select Photos to Watermark” and upload up to 5 photos at once. The free version of this tool allows no more than five photos in one go, but you could also get the Pro version of Watermarquee to go unlimited. If browsing through your photos seems too tedious, you could also conveniently drag and drop the images.

3) As soon as you have uploaded the photos you wish to watermark, add your logo by clicking the “Add Logo” button at the bottom of the website.

4) Once your watermark is added, you could tweak the logo location and modify the watermark’s opacity.

5) Click on Save, and you are done.

However, keep in mind that not every listing portals upload watermarked pictures. So, before you upload your listing to a real estate portal, be it Redfin,, or Zillow, check their policies first about watermarked property photos.

Remember to protect your real estate photos with Watermarquee’s unlimited watermarks.