9 Things to Know About Watermarking


Why should you add a watermark to your images? 

It should come with no surprise that anything you put on the world wide web can be ripped-off. Some people seem to think that if they find an image online, they are free to use it as they please without paying for it or even giving it the right credits. If you’re reading this, you might have already experienced this issue yourself, and you’re looking for a solution, or you want to know how to create a watermark.

There are usually two approaches that you can take: watermarking all of your images or using the software on your website to try and secure your pictures on the fly. Securing your pictures on the fly is apparently less of a job, but it is usually a lot less secure; watermarking is a much better option.

Why It is Important?

Simply put, the main reason you need to watermark your images is for branding. You don’t watermark ALL of your images, but definitely watermark those that go to your blog or memes that you create. These are the two types of posts that are shared more than anything else. When people share things, they should provide credits, but 75% of the time, they do not. Or maybe they do it, but the person who shares it with them may not. If your images are watermarked, you will at least get some recognition that work is yours, even if no one tags you or mentions you.

Are You At Risk for Photo Theft?

The freedom to share photos on the Internet comes at a price. Everything you display online is up for grabs. Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr – these and some other social media sites are ridden with thieves.

Want to see how freely you can grab the photos and claim it as your own or use it commercially without consent? Go to Google and look for pictures on any subject — say, “Landscape Photography.” You will find millions. Some of them were taken by professional photographers, and by amateurs. Anything that is not watermarked tends to get stolen.

Who Uses Watermarks

Anyone who posts their work online should use watermarks. Even if you are a seasoned photographer or just starting, you need to keep your work out of pirates and thieves’ hands. If you are a professional in the industry who likes to sell your images online, you will know the protection you get by creating watermarks. Your photographs are your intellectual property. Hence, not only do they represent you, the artist, but your career as well.


Your Livelihood

If you are a novice photographer, that is the same deal. Your images could end up anywhere. The photos you are taking now require a suit of armour, watermark protection before they are shown to the world.

Demons of the Digital Age

Where would we be with the world wide web? And more importantly, where would your images end up? Sure, they are going to look amazing on the walls of your apartment, but your work is intended for greater things. Art is love. It is about sharing. You want people to know what you are doing.

And, come on, you want them to know how good you are.

Wonderful as the Internet is, it is a pirate’s treasure trove. Social networking and file-sharing mean that pictures are tossed around like treats with no regard for the poor blighter who looked for the best angle and pressed the shutter button. With no watermark, your hard-earned masterpieces are at the mercy of everyone who wants them.

Aren’t Watermarks Ugly?

You may be uncomfortable at the idea of sticking an unsightly icon on the front of your beautiful photograph. The last thing every photographer wants is to distract the focus from the subject of their image. That is not the case for an application like Watermarquee. Watermarquee creates a personalized signature that draws a line between the average from the amazing.

It Adds Value

What is in a name? If you are an artist, it is all in the name. Digitally signing your name to your art signifies it’s worth – not just to your portfolio, but also to potential buyers. Picasso’s drawing is worth millions only if Picasso signed it!

Using a Watermark Maker

Lucky for you, adding watermarks now is easy; you don’t even have to download and install anything on your computer. Watermarquee, an efficient and free watermark maker, is online-based, so you can do all your watermarking needs in your browser. Easy peasy, right?

Remember: A Watermark is An Invaluable Investment

Watermarking is relevant in today’s world, whether your image is your livelihood, a hobby, or just a passing interest. Your online images are your intellectual property so make sure you protect them with a watermark so they cannot be used without your permission.