Photo Wall Tips: 16 Best Ways to Make an Amazing Gallery Wall

What is a photo wall, and how can you make one for your home?

A bare wall is akin to a blank canvas. There are a lot of great ways to decorate it and among the most popular methods is making a photo wall. There are practically limitless ways to display photos on your wall. Making an eye-catching photo wall using various-sized frames or adding your favorite artworks and portraits into a photo wall collage could quickly become a challenge.

How to Create a Photo Wall

The next thing to do is to set how high you want to hang your photos. Photo wall height is the notion that often goes wrong. The rule of thumb is to arrange photos at your sight line; hence, you do not need to look too low at it or up too high.

When you have already decided on a general spot, you could frame out that space with some painter’s tape to help you visualize the area. Look at it carefully and see if you’re happy with where it sits on your wall. You could get creative with this; perhaps you want to put your photo wall a bit off-center for a laid-back vibe. You could also create a vignette, where the photos are part of the grouping and a bit off-center.

There are actually a lot of ways you could create a photo wall and here are some tips:

Choose a Theme

Select a theme like friends, family, or vacations—and make sure your photos blend in well with the theme. Just like making your pictures the same theme, the frames must likewise share a feel even if they do not exactly match. For example, choose wood frames in different finishes, or arrange antique-looking metal frames in various shapes.

Make Photo Ledges

Place your artwork and framed photos on a set of shelves. Layer your design with different shapes, sizes, and colors to create maximum visual appeal.

Build Columns and Rows

Create a family photo wall with a variety of photos. Add candid shots of the children laughing, playing, and enjoying their time outdoors. Evenly place your photos in columns and rows so you could creatively turn your cherished memories into wonderful photo wall designs.

Use Foam Board

Using a wide foam board as a base, a photo wall could capture many favorite memories: watching a sunset with the kids and playing in the leaves or your baby learning to walk. Designing your layout ahead of time with the foam board enables you to organize your pictures in exactly the order you prefer.

Repurpose an Old Window

Repurpose a window with panes into a unique frame for several photographs—from snaps of your family sunbathing on the beach to travelling together. Create coherence within your design by selecting pictures in the same color palette. For added flair, outline each window pane with a similar shade of paint.

Create a Minimalist Black and White Spread

You can use simple photo editing apps and tools to edit your chosen pictures to make them black and white. Use the two-toned theme complete with white matting and white frames. To add personality and charm to the photo wall, arrange your pictures at varying heights, instead of in a single straight line.

Gather Your Panoramic Shots

Great for panoramic photos—like picturesque landscapes from your tropical vacation or fan-filled stadium views from your latest sports outing—shots like these that capture the whole scene can make your photo wall truly stand out. Line up a few panoramic frames for a gallery vibe. Mix and match the style and width of your frames for contrast.

Go Antique

Create an antique-look family photo wall with ornate wood and metallic frames. Try mixing shapes, like square and circular, on the same wall. Make sure to leave some open area for easy viewing.

Build A Timeline

Display your pictures in chronological order. Arrange your photographs to show your family’s growth over the years. Pick family snapshots from travels and vacations to breathe life to your photo wall.

Mix It Up

Create a mix of styles and designs in one photo wall: photo clipboards and framed art. Add in an array of photo varieties, too, like a picturesque landscape and a close-up portrait of your favorite people.

Add in Individual Shots

Create your family photo wall with blown-up photos of every family member. They could be dancing, singing or just a great candid shot of them doing anything. Bring the design together with a full family picture. Make sure to print your pictures on quality material, so the photos look clear and sharp.

Brighten Your Photo Wall With White

Select white matting frames and finishes for your photo wall, which could include a variety of family photos and candid shots from a recent holiday vacation or a walk in the park. Frame your photographs on your photo wall in a somewhat asymmetrical style to build visual diversity.

Design A Diverse Composition

The best photo wall concepts are mapped out ahead of time. This is particularly true when you add in aa variety of pieces—such as photos, hanging baskets, and clocks. Complement your wall with a central color like black or dark brown.

Have Fun Mixing Your Colors

Although a lot of family photo wall concepts are designed with similarly-colored accents and frames, you can also create a photo wall that uses a palette of neutral colors. It is made complete with unique and charming pieces like a wooden arrow, a DIY artwork, and framed family photographs.

Create A Heart Shape

Create a “lovely” collage with a heart-shaped design. Choose photographs that show ‘love,’ whether they snap a memorable vacation place or a favorite person. By organizing your pictures close together, your visitors would be able to appreciate your favorite memories easily.

Try A Non-framed Photo Wall Concept

Pictures in a photo wall do not need to be framed. Select your favorite photo styles, such as metal prints or canvas and print your pictures in the same size. Mix a range of close-ups and moving shots for a diverse design.