Free Watermark Software – 12 Most Common Questions

Free Watermark software – Most Common Questions

If you have never used free watermark software you may have some questions – we are going to provide the most common questions about free watermark software.

1. What is the best free watermark software?

It is the one that:-

  • Does what you need it to do
  • Is easy to use
  • It should offer support and or a tutorial on how to use the software
  • Does the work on your browser
  • Doesn’t include the watermark company’s – ‘own’ watermark on your image
  • Allows more than one photo/image to be watermarked at one time
  • Enables saving and downloading of watermark – for easy retrieval

2. Is free watermark software really free?

Yes –  Water Marquee free watermarking software is a truly free version, it costs you nothing to use it.  There is no subscription service we won’t even ask for an email address.

It is all done right in your server.

Go on – give it a go!

The ‘cons’ are that you may only be able to watermark photos, 5 photos or images at a time, it may offer only a limited number of fonts and colors.

The paid ‘Pro’ version (for just $17.98 once only lifetime fee) offers an unlimited number of photos or images, more fonts, colors, and even more templates and other tools.

 3. Should I place a watermark on the original size of the photo?

  No.  When you watermark a photo or image at its original size when you shrink it the watermark becomes hard to read or see.

Wait till you have sized the image or photo to the final size you are going to use then place your watermark on it.

 4. Should I watermark my images and photos?

 Yes.  It depends on you – it is a personal choice; this is a long-debated topic.

On the one hand, the watermark can help protect your work; however, on the other hand, ensure the free watermark software doesn’t detract from the focus of the image or photo.

It’s your image – protect it!

 5. Where should I put my watermark?

 When placing your watermark try to put it in an area that does it is not easy to remove; for example, place a part of it on the object of the photo and part in the background.

If the object is a person put part of it on a leg or arm and the rest in the background area.

 6. What should I use as a watermark?

 Again this is your choice but you should think about it clearly and make sure it is something you can stick with.

Artists sign their work, even photographers can sign their name as a watermark.

Whatever you use you need to be sure it fits your work/company so later you won’t want to change it.

The more you change it the more confusing it is for your clients. You want people to see it an immediately know that this is your work.

 7. Do I have to download and install the free watermark software on my computer?

 This depends on what watermark software you are using.

There is the option of online watermark services like Water Marquee where there is no download and nothing to install.

WaterMarquee – free watermark software offers the ability to watermark up to 5 photos or images at once, have several fonts available and the ability to change colors.

There are also templates that can be used.

If you need more than that you can use a paid version that is only a one-time fee that is less than US$20.00.  The Pro version – is a one-time lifetime cost of only $19.  Check it out!

8. Can I watermark more than one photo or image at a time?

 Generally, yes but how many at once depends on the watermark software you are using.

Water Marquee does 5 at once for the free version and unlimited for the Pro version, called Batch processing.

9. Is watermarking software worth the price?

 That depends on how many photos or images you need your watermarking software to do.

If it is a matter of 50 or more a month then the price is worth it.

However, if your budget does not allow you to purchase it or you just wish to save money then try the Water Marquee free watermark software.

10. Is there something else along with watermarking my photo or images to help protect them?

 Yes, if your camera has a copyright feature make sure it is on. Also add important information date, name, time to the meta-description of your image.

11. Is watermark software copyright?

 A watermark helps identify your work but it is not a true copyright. It can, however, help prove the work is yours.

12. Can I save, download, or upload more than one image at a time?

 It depends on the watermark software or online service you are using. WaterMarquee free watermarking software allows you to download or export 5 images at a time or upload 5 images at a time.

If your question is not answered here, you should contact your watermarking software maker or community, check message boards to see if you can find the answer to your question.

You can find community boards and forums by searching Google for the name of your watermarking software (abc watermark) forums.

You can also check the site you bought it from for a forum or community.